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October 5, 2021
The e-filing Applications instructions have been updated. Please see above links.

This is a reminder that if you have registered for e-filing, you will receive all docketing notices, orders, opinions and other notices about appeals in which you are counsel of record through e-mail from the COA EFast System. Please make sure e-mails from the coaefast@gaappeals.us do not go to trash or your spam mail folder.

Also, it is your responsibility to keep your e-mail address up to date in your profile on the COA EFAST System so that you will receive your mail from the system. We recommend that you include a secondary e-mail address (your paralegal, secretary, or another attorney) to be cc'd on all our e-mails that include Court actions (orders, opinions, etc.).

Please do not attach the following types of exhibits to pleadings such as briefs and motions (including motions for reconsideration) which are e-filed:

Do not attach a copy of the Petition to the Supreme Court of Georgia for a Writ of Certiorari to the Notice of Filing the Petition.

Do not attach copies of this Court's opinions or orders to your pleadings. You should provide citations to opinions you reference and the date and type of order you reference.

Do not attach exhibits which are in the trial court record which were filed with this Court by the trial court clerk for a direct appeal. You should reference these documents by the record volume number and page number in the official record.

Effective January 1, 2015, all Georgia attorneys must be registered in the COA EFAST system.

May 19, 2015 - Updated e-filing Applications instructions at the top of the page.

Application Index is now a separate e-filing during the Application process.

Application Exhibits now require a Title for each Exhibit.

Responses to Applications now have separate Response Exhibits filing option with requirement for Exhibit description and title to match your index.

July 7, 2016 - Copy Fees & Downloading of Electronic Trial Court Records:

Copies of documents from our Court are available for $1.50 per page. You may obtain these as a paper copy or in an electronic - .pdf - format. If you obtain them in a paper format, you may pick them up at the Clerk’s office. We will mail them if you provide postage cost. We will also email electronic copies if you provide your email address. (This does not apply to reprinting Admission Certificates as these cost $10.00 each. It also does not apply to copies of the Record Index or Case History as these cost $4.00 each regardless of the number of pages.)

To obtain a copy of the entire record or portions of the record, you should call our office with the details of your request. We will then provide you the page count and cost. You can then electronically pay thru our web site and we will email or send the materials via the U.S. Postal Service based upon your request.

The Court is in the process of implementing electronic filing of trial court records. For those cases where the trial court record is electronically filed in our Court, our docket now allows attorneys to copy the record directly from the docket. All the records will be in a .pdf searchable format. Any sealed cases or sealed portions of a case will not be available if you pay for this access to the record. If you pay to copy the record, you will still be required to come to our office to view the sealed records. The copy fee per party is as follows:

$50.00: Total page number of the record and transcript is less than 501 pages.

$100.00: Total page number of the record and transcript is over 500 but less than 2,001.

$150.00: Total page number of the record and transcript is over 2,000 but less than 4001.

$250.00: Total page number of the record and transcript over 4,000 pages.

Note: The fee is charged per party. Once one attorney that represents a party pays the fee, all attorneys associated with that party may download or view the file.

To find the record you are interested in, log into the EFAST system, select the My Cases and Filings link and click on the style of the case. Go to the Records Tab to complete your purchase transaction.

4/12/2023 - Planned EFAST maintenance from 4:30-10 PM. The Court will be performing network maintenance starting at 4:30 PM on Wed. (4/12). You can expect limited access to the EFAST system.

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